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This site was last updated: June 18, 2008
Since November 7, 2005
I also have a free listserv with over 650 industry professionals (and counting!)  If you'd like to network with others in the field, ask billing & coding questions, and have access to additional forms, quizzes, and links, please click the link below.
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  Free Physician Coding and Reimbursement Information - Your #1 Resource for Free & Reliable Physician Coding & Billing Information.
Offering free coding and billing resources for physicians, physician coders, billers, reimbursement specialists, practice managers, consultants, auditors, teachers, students, or anyone interested in the field of physician coding & reimbursement.  Informative articles, links and up-to-date news you need to know!
Reliable information doesn't always have to cost an arm & a leg!  My goal is to provide you with a comprehensive listing of all the free (and legitimate) resources available on the Internet today. 
Please let me know if you would like to see anything added to this website. I consider this to be a collaborative effort and welcome any of your suggestions, tips, articles, or favorite links.  Don't forget to stop by the services page to find coding classes near you or to take advantage of the free advertising I offer! 
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